Bingo 2 Towable

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* 69″ x 68″ (inflated). * For 2 riders. * Tuff shell full nylon cover with zipper. * Cockpit seating is great for young kids who want a secure ride. * Cockpit seating will also keep riders in the tube on the more extreme rides. * Reinforced front and back tow points, 2 rides in 1 towable. * 11″ thick 4K EZ tow connector included. * Deep cockpit construction with high backrest riser for secure and extreme riding. * Drop speed bottom allows for EZ fuel efficient towing with less drag on the boat. * Heavy gauge PVC bladder. * Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards. * EVA foam pads for comfortable seating. * Zippered padded valve covers. * Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation.