Tootsie 5P Sister Towable

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* 1-5 rider secure deck seating towable tube 850Ibs. 385kg. maximum capacity. * INTERACTIVE ASSIGNED SECURE DECK SEATING with backrests and EVA foam riding pads. * Continuous S shaped high visibility chariot riser that allows for face to face interactive riding or lounging. * Heavy-duty, wide-webbed, 3-point tow system construction featuring front and back tow points for multiple fun riding experiences. * Multiple riding positions; sit, stand, or kneel. * FREE 11 INCH 4K Aluminum EZ TOW CONNECTOR included for EZ tow point changes. * Heavy-duty full nylon cover with heavy-duty zippers. * Heavy-duty PVC bladders. * WOW’s custom visual impact color design with billboard graphics creates excitement for riders but also lets everyone on the water know you are there. * Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards. * Flat foam handles. * Zippered valve covers. * Speed Valve for fast inflation and deflation. * Inflated size: 138IN X 70IN X 26IN 350CM X 178CM X 66CM.